11 Natural tips to enhance memory

11 Natural tips to enhance memory

The word forgetfulness is common that becomes alarming only when it takes a bigger shape. Many of us go through poor memory condition frequently. Sometimes, it gets hard to recall all the names at times. But, few individuals remember even minute things and can quickly recollect even the past memories. No worry! Regardless of age, you too can fix yourself to remember things better by following a few natural tips that can enhance your memory. If you feel your memory is getting worse day-by-day, book a consultation with your doctor. It might be due to any neurological weakness that needs medical attention. If your doctor prescribes any medicine, order from any trusted online medicine shop and get it delivered at your doorsteps.

Natural tips to enhance memory:

1) A sip of coffee can improve memory:

Studies have shown that consuming coffee pill after learning a new task has improved and strengthened memory for 24 hours. 

2) Munch on berries:

Berries are high in flavonoids which help to strengthen the memory connections in the brain. In a recent research study, it was claimed that supplementing food with blueberries for 12 weeks can increase memory tasks. Also, the intake of strawberries also enhances long term memory in individuals.

3) Exercise to boost memory:

Of course, exercise exhibits numerous health benefits in individuals, enhanced cognitive abilities being one of them. If you want to slip yourself from memory loss burden, at least taking a simple walk could be an answer for you.

4) Sleep more to increase memory:

Sleep is an important element needed for our body to improve our memory. Lack of sleep can make us struggle to remember things. A short nap is enough for a good recall. To promote optimal health, health experts recommend taking enough nap of 7 to 9 hrs each night.

5) Eat less sugar:

Too much sugar intake can lead to chronic diseases like cognitive decline and many health issues. Diet high in sugar can cause poor memory and reduced brain volume. So, for a healthy living, it is best to cut back on your sugar levels.

6) Fish oil supplement:

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids like Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These two fatty acids lower the risk of heart diseases, reduce inflammation in the body, decrease stress and anxiety and improves memory scores. Buy supplements online from any online pharmacy store in India.

7) Maintain a healthy weight:

Maintaining healthy weight is a challenge these days. Controlled weight is needed to keep our body and mind fit. Obesity is the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive disease that destroys cognitive function and declines memory. Obesity can also cause insulin resistance and inflammation, both of which indirectly affect our brain functions leading to a deficit in memory.

8) Meditation:

Making a room for meditation can improve memory, lower the blood pressure and even improves grey matter in the brain. Relaxing and soothing technique also helps to relieve stress and pain.

9) Practice Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is one of the best exercises for your brain to lower stress and to improve memory and concentration. For overall well-being, incorporate mindfulness technique in your daily routine and get its maximum benefits.

10) Consume less alcohol:

Consuming too much alcohol brings a neurotoxic effect on the brain. Recurrent episodes of alcohol consumption can damage one of the vital parts of the brain called hippocampus. A mild dosage of the drink is healthy. So, the smart way to protect your memory is to avoid excessive usage of alcohol.

11) Brain games to boost your brain:

Incorporate fun games to boost your memory. To strengthen your memories, try brain games such as cross-words puzzles and word-recall games. A brain game even reduces the risk of dementia.

The above are some of the lists of simple and powerful tips and techniques which can be included in your daily routine to enhance brain health and to boost brain memory. However, if you are not feeling any change or improvement in your brain memory, consult your physician. He can suggest you with the treatments and medications to enhance brain memory. You can buy prescription medicines online from any reliable online chemist at your convenience.