5 Tips for Being More Productive at Work

5 Tips for Being More Productive at Work

Are you able to finish all your work within office hours? Do you assign time slots to various tasks but are not able to meet them? Do you end up making your to-do list even longer? You are not a loser if that’s what you think! You are not alone. There are so many people who feel that their work never gets done in time.

Let’s get you out of your misery. Remember, being productive at your work is even more difficult if you have distractions around. If your workplace has a steady subscription to Spectrum Internet deals and you have no blocked sites, that means tons of various distractions. In the middle of your work, you will keep going back to something entertaining online. And wastage of time is the biggest reason for not being able to meet your deadlines. We have taken the advice of career coaches who have helped millennial entrepreneurs and young executives work for more than 12 hours a day. While you are at work, you need to know how to effectively and efficiently structure your time.

Try incorporating the following tips to work smarter and increase productivity:

  1. Say NO to Multitasking

  2. Taking Breaks and Time Blocking

  3. Start with Setting Small Goals

  4. Go for the Bigger Tasks When you are Completely Alert

  5. Implement the Very Useful ‘2-Minute Rule’

Let’s elaborate on them.

Say NO to Multitasking

Yes, multitasking can be tempting but know that it’s a major distraction. While you feel that certain tasks are easy and small and can be taken care of at the same time, you may end up slowing your pace immensely. As a result, you won’t be able to finish any one of them in time. In simpler words, multitasking doesn’t work the way you think it will. Many experts believe that multitasking is not even humanly possible. With divided attention, we are just fooling ourselves. We are unable to focus on any one of them. Cut the long story short, focusing on one task at a time will make you finish your tasks faster. Therefore, suppressing the urge to multitask the next time you are tempted to do so.

Taking Breaks and Time Blocking

Are you one of those people who think sticking to the workstation for the longest hours means more work done? You are sadly mistaken! Studies show that taking breaks regularly helps in increasing your concentration and focus. It also boosts your mood and breaks the monotony. As a result, you work better and more efficiently when you are back to your workstation. Taking a little 5-min break to stroll around and move your legs or to grab some coffee won’t hurt. You’ll be able to work better.

Another interesting hack is to block a specific amount of time for a particular task. This practice is called time blocking. You can finish your tasks quicker and focus better if you do that. The best practice is to block around 15-60 minutes.

Start with Setting Small Goals

When you reach your workstation, do the deadlines and goals for the day overwhelm you? Seeing a list of projects can be stressful and burdening. But here is the hack, break you big tasks and projects into smaller ones. This practice will make you feel more productive and in control. This a powerful hack to make huge projects and tasks seem easier and less daunting.

Go for the Bigger Tasks When you are Completely Alert

Most of us have the tendency to keep the bigger tasks aside because we don’t feel confident enough to accomplish them. By the time their turn comes, we have already drained ourselves by completing various, slightly smaller tasks. We don’t have the focus and energy that this big task requires. As a result, these projects keep delaying for days because they are not given the right amount of time and focus. You just need to figure out which time of the day is most productive for you. if you are a morning person, schedule the bigger tasks in the morning. The more alert and focused you are, the better you will tackle your tasks.

Implement the Very Useful ‘2-Minute Rule’

Do you know about the 2-minute rule? It is all about saving time and getting things done. If you find tasks that require not more than two minutes, just do them right away. Don’t delay them to pile up. Doing these 2-min tasks immediately saves you time. Another useful aspect of the 2-minute rule is that you should be able to start any task or goal within two minutes. You need to stop staring at the screen and measuring the size of the project and just start it in a couple of minutes. Starting a task is the most daunting part. Once you start it, it will end before you know.

Remember, not every day will be ideally productive so don’t be so hard on yourself. Just try implementing these tips and refocus. Keep yourself fresh and active. So, if you are working right now and reading this, go take a little break. Browse a few channels with your Spectrum Triple Play on your TV. Rejuvenate yourself and start again. Good luck!