Amazing Benefits Of Concrete Polished Floors That You Are Unaware Of

Amazing Benefits Of Concrete Polished Floors That You Are Unaware Of

People have not been giving due importance to polished concrete flooring. With so many numerous flooring options available for everyone, the popularity of polished concrete flooring has been dimming. Be it homeowners, shop owners or owner of any building, he or she should consider polished concrete as a flooring option while choosing the flooring type. Of course, with several options provided by the flooring experts in the market, you may be lured to getting some other type of flooring, but the most logical choice is always concrete flooring. Considering the versatility and durability of concrete polished flooring, the suitability of it in flooring is the highest for any type of building. Polishing of concrete is a multi-step process that is responsible for the design and shine of the flooring. Places like large warehouses, retail shops, company outlets, homes, restaurants and hotels, auto showrooms, and all such places are where polished concrete flooring is the most suitable.

There are many reasons why polished concrete is this good for flooring. I list down all of those here:

polished concrete

Resistant to high foot traffic: Most of the flooring get damaged due to high foot traffic. But in case of concrete, high foot traffic has no effect. You do not need extreme cleaning to maintain the shine and good looks of the flooring. This is a great advantage in showrooms and shops and warehouses as there are always many people visiting the place every day and cleaning it would need shifting and moving of large showcases and racks.

Almost nil moisture transmission: Most floorings generally get damp due to the soil moisture underneath and that leads to the tiles getting permanently stained with time. Concrete, on the other hand, lets the floor to breathe and that prevents the accumulation of moisture underneath and thereby masking the surroundings cooler and avoiding moisture stains. Concrete is a porous material and that is why even stain material is easy in it.

High amount of light reflectivity and low light absorbing capacity: In case of huge showrooms or even residential homes, the more the light, the merrier and comfortable the place feels. Hotels and public facilities need to project a clean and a professional image. This needs a lot of lighting. If there is polished concrete flooring, then a lot of light is reflected and that leads to the place appearing brighter with fewer lights.

Economical: If you already have researched about the flooring and its prices, you would be aware that all kinds of floorings, be it vinyl, hardwood, marble, or any such fancy one, costs a great deal. Now, in case of concrete, any property already has a concrete slab already built. So, all you need to spend for is the concrete polishing and that is going to cost you much lesser than any kind of flooring.

Varying colour options: Polishing of concrete is a multi-step process and that is where you can get the style, colour and texture you need to make your space look attractive. So, despite this flooring style being extremely cheap, you get a variety of options in terms of design and appearance. If this is not like a double bonus benefit, then I do not know what is.

Low maintenance: The polished concrete flooring is easy to maintain. All that is needed is sweeping and damp mopping regularly and you are sure to have shiny and aesthetically pleasing floors for a long-long time. There would be no need of re-polishing the surface for minimum ten years. Above all, this flooring is mark and stain resistant, so you can say goodbye to being cautious.

All these benefits of concrete polished flooring are enough to beat any other style of flooring.