How To Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80004005?

How To Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80004005?

Outlook seems to be a popular email service provider. The services provided by Outlook are famous because of its reliability and credibility. The emails service provider helps us to exchange emails easily as it is fast, reliable and trustworthy. Though, this doesn’t mean that the entire Outlook email is flawless. Of course, there are various problems associated with Outlook. Multiple errors and difficulties occur, and we need to sort it out. Sometimes we can quickly fix the issue manually, on the other hand, sometimes, it is almost impossible to sort out the problem without the intervention of experts. In this type of cases, you must contact Outlook Customer support number. Here, in this article, we would like to discuss the error, symptoms, causes, and fixation of Outlook email

The reason behind Outlook error 0x80004005:

The main reason is the script blocking feature of the Norton Antivirus. Now, in case the script blocking setting (enable the script blocking option) is ‘ON’ in Norton Antivirus, it will notify to display the error message.

The main problem that you face is difficulty in exchanging email, especially downloading incoming message.

How to fix Outlook error 0x80004005?

There are different methods of fixing the Outlook error 0x80004005.  The several of setting the issue are given below: Have a look at the steps given below:

Do not forget to block feature in Norton Antivirus:

If you have downloaded the Norton Antivirus, you are supposed to resolve and disable the script blocking

In MS Outlook, disable the new mail notification feature:

It must be clear in your mind that at first, you are supposed to disable the notification feature of new mail in MS Outlook. Most of the time, your error could be easily solved, just by switching off this feature. If you want to know the various ways of disabling the notification feature, you are required to follow the steps,

  • You must open your Outlook
  • Next, go to the tool menu
  • The, go to the options
  • After that select preferences tab
  • Next, you must select the email options tab
  • At last, you are supposed to uncheck the checkboxes
  • To confirm, you must click on ‘ok.’
  • Do not forget to clean the Registry

The error might be affected by the spyware and malware:

There is various malware or viruses that could enter your system. Your system might be under the influence of viruses; it is urgent to remove them as soon as possible. You can also download the antivirus.

The article deals with the various issues, symptoms, and causes of Outlook error 0x80004005. You can read this article and follow the steps, this way you can sort out the problem. Fixing the issue manually is easy, you can do it. Alternatively, and if you still face any issue you can contact the experts. The common Microsoft Outlook problems could be easily solved, with the assistance of the experts and engineers. You can contact the Outlook Customer service number. Now, you can find its number from a loading online directory of the U.S.A and Canada called GetHumanHelp.


The Article deals with the various aspects of Outlook. The errors, its symptoms, reasons and most importantly the procedure to fix the issues related to Outlook. You can have a look at the various aspects, of Outlook. If you are facing an error issue like 0x80004005, you must read this article and try to fix the problem. Also, if you are unable to fix it yourself, you can take the help of experts.