How to Pressure Wash a House with Bleach

How to Pressure Wash a House with Bleach

It is a very effective way to use bleach in pressure washer to clean your house, specially for removing mold and mildew from the surface. But it needs some careful steps. If you are not a pro then suddenly this easy task might turn into a science project. So, here I am going to assist you through the pros and cons of how to pressure wash a house with bleach.


At the beginning you will need some equipments for the work. These are-

  1. Pressure washer and related tools
  2. Bleaching
  3. Hose
  4. Safety goggoles

You must remember that pressure washing with bleach only works for mold and mildews. So, simply mixing water with bleach for pressure wash will not help. You need to add some bleach compatible detergent with it. Although there is no specific ratio of mixing solutions but remain careful as too much use of bleach might kill your plants and grass.


As you are prepared with the bleaching solution, your job is half-done. At first you must turn off all electric sources. Then close all doors and windows. Then, cover every lightings, as bleaching might damage them. While washing the home with bleach you are bound to keep an eye on plants of your house. Otherwise, bleach will heavily harm them. If you are to clean the interior walls then you need to move and cover your furniture away from the wall.


Then you should connect the pressure washer with the appropriate outlet of the machine. Then connect the pressure washer with a faucet and turn on the pressure washer. Gently pull the trigger to spray bleach in the home. You should start from the bottom of the wall and mildly go upward so the bleach does not drip on the dry areas. After that, you need to wait for some moment to give the bleach time to show magic.


After that, use a high-pressure tip for rinsing the wall. You need to rinse your home-walls from the top to the bottom to wash and remove any possible traces of bleach. Then turn off pressure washer and wait for a few minute to allow the walls for soaking and drying. Before finishing, disconnect the pressure washer line, remove your equipments and turn on the electricity. Lastly, put all your furniture and plants in their previous position.


You are compelled to obey some safety rules during cleaning your home with bleach using a pressure washer. You must use all required pressure washer safety gear specially a safety goggle to save your eyes in case of bleach coming through to your eyes .Wear clothes that is not hard to wash and you don’t mind to get wet. You also need to avoid cleaning Lead painted walls often found on the exterior walls. As bleach is a highly reactive chemical, so don’t use another cleaning solution with it. And don’t store liquid bleach if it is not used. Liquid bleach often lose chlorine making it weak. So always mix the bleaching powder with water just before you start working.


This is the way you can pressure wash your house with bleach without harming anything and thus get a neat and clean home. You will be wandered how changed and new your house would look. Happy cleaning with pressure washer and bleach.