The live your happy life longer tips

The live your happy life longer tips

Life expectancy in the modern world is on the decline but has you ever wondered why and why are there too many health related or other problems? What exactly is wrong with our lifestyle? We are here to help you out in that and also to help you lead a better, happier and longer life.

  • No to GYM

All the Gyms that people join to stay healthy and fit are frankly not good for health. Once you join gym you might witness a significant change in yourself and your body but once you leave gym or even if you do not go to the gym for a few days you start feeling to lose control over your body and mind also somehow also gain weight in not a positive way. No, exercises are important all wee saying is do not do gym or if you are doing they choose to do exercises ether than working on machines.

There are so many surveys and studies conducted that do show that the people who regularly do exercise on their own instead of relying on machines are way more fitter and also have better chances of living a longer life that the gym goers.

  • Purple way

Many studies show that eating things that are purple in colour help you love longer as they somewhat lower the risk of heart problems. So directly dying purple coloured food items like grapes and brinjal are useful for an increased life expectancy. Purple colour also has a very positive effect on mind when it comes to choosing colours. If you want healthy food then you can visit and also get healthy cake online in Kolkata.

Retire at a later age

Many people plan to retire at young age and enjoy the rest of the theory life on spending the hard earned money they made. To them this is the perfect plan as to retire soon, spent money, time other family or the ones close to you but do you know that the people who retire late in their lives like 60+ of age have a better chance of having a longer life.

This is because of the main reason that they stay fit and keep themselves engaged in the work instead of testing and enjoying in the age when you need to be careful about your lifestyle. This makes a huge difference so think twice before retiring at an early age if you really want to live a long life.

  • High Altitude stay

If you love the mountains or are living there or plan on living there after your retirement then people you made good choices.

Facts show that people who love at a higher altitude, that is area very much above the sea level are suitable when it comes to having a longer life span. This is because the oxygen up there isn’t in plenty so the blood does not become very thick as the oxygen needs to be pumped to all the parts of the body. This also help in reducing the risk of heart attacks.

So choose the mountains.

  • Sleep sweet spot

Remember when you mum and dad used to tell you rather yell at you to take a good 8 hours of sleep ? Well guess what they were absolutely right. People who have adequate sleep have more calmed state of mind, better understanding and better body coordination and working of the body.

So do take a good beauty sleep to get the right health and live longer.

  • Friends are the cure

You do not need to be alone. Loneliness or having no one but yourself can be a problem not just to your career progress but also to your mental and over all health. Have friends, hang out with them and share memories with them and organise a celebration party with them. So lets order designer cake online in Kota

The laughter you have and time you spend with them will be all worth it not just for your health but also for y