Top 5 Online Business Ideas without Investing much Money

Top 5 Online Business Ideas without Investing much Money

This is the question every teenager asks herself/himself; “How can I earn just by looking at my computer’s screen?” I was no different and made various searches on weekends to get to the answer. I share some of my results here and yeah do share your secrets.

Almost half of the population around the world is glued to their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. So there is no doubt about the fact that digital marketing is a great source of profits for businesses. So let us check out some of the top online businesses which can earn you great profits but requires less amount of investment.

Internet Marketing Business

People these days love to shop from the ease of their home. So e-commerce or a virtual shop can help you get a successful business. Whether you are an artisan manufacturing handicrafts or a dealer in apparels or perfumes, now you can sell products to numerous customers online.

If you think opening a website is a hassle then sell through e-commerce sites like eBay and TrueGether. They help you get a global customer base charging just a nominal fee. Moreover, they even help you shift your products from your production house to the storehouse and then directly to the customers through vendors.

Social media is one of the hottest media to promote products and services these days. For this reason, business owners are always on the lookout for experts who can manage the brand on social media. If you have an in-depth knowledge of social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn then help these entrepreneurs build their brand image on social media.

If you exhibit a consistent growth of followers on their social networking page, your business will also grow by leaps and bounds. Again, just a computer and a strong internet connection are enough to give you a big business with no overhead cost.

Online selling of products

You need not manufacture any product to sell it. Sounds strange; well this is one of the top online business ideas which do not need much investment. This is an intriguing business idea. What you have to do? There are several e-commerce sites where you can add an almost infinite number of products.

After coordinating with the manufacturer and the e-commerce site to upload the products, your next step is to share the product details on your social media (Facebook, Twitter or YouTube) and start the selling these products.

Sometimes there will be multiple sellers on the e-commerce site who will be selling the same product; the more competitive price you can offer to the customer the better are the chances of selling them the product.

Stock Market Trading

Have a strong flair for shares and stocks? Invest in bonds. The top financial institutes have their mobile applications and websites where investors can open their accounts. Follow the ups and downs of the market on regular basis and enjoy profits by selling and buying shares at the right time.

Trading online is now as easy as online shopping. Have a good internet connection, a subscription, a mobile app of the financial institute and enough funds for the transaction and you are ready to start one of the most lucrative businesses.

Online consultation

Are you an SEO expert or heir you love coding? There are several companies who are looking for an expert like you. Help them get an attractive and lucrative website offering your expertise. Use your analytical skills to assist business owners to get better insights of the market.

Google Analytics, HTML, SQL, and content writing are some of the most demanded skill sets these days. Create your own website and portfolio to launch your online consultation services. There is also a great demand for remote technical assistants who can help customers solve IT related issues in few minutes. This profitable digital business can start with almost zero investment.

Online training

People pursue different courses even after joining work. They do not have enough time to visit institutes and complete the course and this has led to online coaching programmes. If you possess an in-depth knowledge of any subject use it to train others. Soft skills, quality tools, and Microsoft suite are some of the most popular subjects on which online training is provided these days. So use your academic qualifications to start an online business at a

Affiliate marketing

Are you an incredible online shopper who always gives feedback to the e-commerce sites after the purchase? Then commercialize your shopping! People still have more trust in product reviews provided by customers than on what the brand says.

So if you have a website which generates a decent amount of traffic then business owners might want you to promote their products; this is known as affiliate marketing. They can even send you sample products which you can use and then provide reviews. In this case, there is no additional investment and as an icing on the top, you get free products to use!

So if you are looking to set up a business but do not have enough funds to invest, then any of the above business ideas can fulfill your dream. An online business just needs the right focus with the required skills and devotion with an expanded network; get these and success is just a few clicks away!