Top Indian Appetizers You Should Eat Right Away

Top Indian Appetizers You Should Eat Right Away

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The world is no doubt a food world. You can find different kinds of food items, appetizers and so many other dishes once you look around. There are plenty of dishes that are absolutely scrumptious, comforting and most importantly ravishing.

Certainly if you like to eat food then you should not miss out on some of the most popular and loved Indian appetizers. Once you explore the options in Indian food Boston, you would find all the dishes lined up therein.  Have a look at some of this right here:


There are different kinds of samosas that you can try out. Basically these samosas are made up of potato but you can find an impressive variety in these samosas these days. You can pick and eat samosas like chicken samosas, beef samosas, cheese samosas, vegetable samosa, and paneer samosas and so on. These samosas are rich in their taste and you can even find nuts filled in these samosas. You would surely find a good time in these samosas.


You can also come across different kinds of chaats once you explore a little. There are popular chaats that you cannot afford to miss like Aloochaat, Bhelpurichaat, Sevpurichaat, Pani-purichaat, Paprichaat, Kachorichaat, vegetable chaat and so on. There are different kinds of chaats with their different versions and spices. You can also find different types of chatnis along with these chaats. Once you explore a little you would find a whole world of delightfulness in these dishes.

Rich variety in Pakora

Okay so you might have tried out pakodas in your life right? Well, if not then you certainly have missed out something wow. Indian cuisine is packed with different options when it comes to appetizers. Especially when you talk about pakodas these are really uplifting, delicious and rich in their ingredients and flavours. You can experience pakodas like aloopakoda, paneerpakoda, gobhipakoda, chili pakoda, chicken pakoda and so on. Thesepakodas are made up of different spices, rich ingredients and even variety of mixtures.  These are best eaten with chatnis.


Now these soups are also considered as starters or appetizers. You can come across different types of soups that are delicious, tasty, fulfilling and relaxing. You can have soups like tomato soups, chicken soups, beef soups, chili soups, and vegetable soups and so on. These soups are always tasty and you can take them anytime. Even if you have guests at home you can order soups and serve them to your guest.


Tikkis are one of the most popular Indian appetizers.  There are different types of tikkis and having varied ingredients and spices. You can explore tikkis like alootikki, mirchtikki, paneertikki, matartikki and so on. Thesetikkis are tasty and always satisfying.

So, you can go to Indian Restaurant Boston and try out all these appetizers out there.  After all, if you haven’t tried out these popular India appetizers you certainly have missed something wonderful.