Why your Business needs Time and Attendance Management System?

Why your Business needs Time and Attendance Management System?

The companies rely on their staff for completing projects on work, and it takes numerous departments with employees specializing in their respective field to complete work on time. As a result, maintaining records of employee attendance is an essential requirement for any company, and attendance is the principal component for Payroll Processing. The conventional systems use the manual marking of presence on physical musters only to compile data in Spreadsheet tools. This whole exercise is burdensome for the admin and accounting staff. On the other hand, we are witnessing significant technological advancements which have shaped the work profiles radically. The dedicated HR Software solutions provide attendance management system, which help in all functions related to employee timekeeping in a cost-effective manner. This article focuses on the use of dedicated HR technology for attendance management with the Indian economy in mind.

Advanced Punching Technologies:

The use of modern facilities such as biometric machines, NFC cards with passcodes, ESS Portals, Geofencing, etc. to mark attendance on the system. The punch-in and punch-out timings are recorded automatically, and data is uploaded to the cloud server either on a real-time basis or as per the configuration of the cloud server. The system records this data as per the settings and generates a corresponding pay component of the payroll. The HR Software also displays the presence details along with the leave balance to the employees on the ESS dashboard. This is for the staff to make appropriate decisions regarding the leaves while the Software also displays the encashable leave balance. The HR and reporting managers can view the applications from their respective ESS Portals and take action as per the workflow. The employees use the Geofencing and ESS Portals to log-in and log-out of the workplace from the comfort of their smart devices at any time without location restrictions. This provides an edge to the firms engaged in providing the consultancy at client location or in case of the traveling staff or remote resources.


The cloud-based HR Software solutions show a high degree of configuration, and the admin can set the attendance policy as per the requirement of the company. The employees can be assigned shift as per the location, designation, department, and policy decided by the management. The attendance is managed as per the set configuration, and any change shall be made by the administrator. The system also allows setting the mode of marking presence by using one or multiple terminals, which is an excellent ease for employee timekeeping. All the calculations of OT hours are made automatically by the system as per the shift timings. In the case of unsolicited leaves, the Software will deduct the salary as per agreed norms. The total number of payable days are reflected in the salary slips along with detailed breakdown available for each employee. As the users shall use the HR Software to make leave applications, the HR can set a predefined time period to be maintained before requesting the same.

Errorless Processing and Automation:

As all the tasks right from capturing of data to processing final reports are done by the computer, there is no scope of any error caused on behalf of incorrect data or overseeing data. The information displayed is accurate and reliable while it also automates compliance filing generation. They require a detailed breakdown of the attendance such as days present, paid and unpaid leaves availed along with the distinctive leaves allocated. The system also generates OT reports making Payroll Processing comprehensive and straightforward. Thus, there is no need for human intervention at any stage. The Software also generates powerful reports which can be used to measure the time spent in the office by the staff. They can give deep insights on punctuality, absenteeism, and continuous irregularities, which are threat full to the overall productivity of the organization. The management can make well informed and well informed strategic decisions for benefiting your organization.

Thus, the use of HR Software for attendance regularization is very cost effective for there is a steep decrease in the resources required to carry the process. On the contrary, the accuracy of the process is escalated with cost-effectiveness. All in all, the cost of maintaining records. Compliance is another area where companies can rely upon due to automation. The centralization of Payroll Processing is made possible and integrated with the HR Software to streamline all HR core functions.